High5 Hand Therapy Ltd


Busy Central Taranaki Allied Health Clinic with Strong Local Reputation


Location: 38A Miranda Street, Taranaki, New Zealand

Asking Price: $35,000 (including stock, clinical and administrative equipment)


Are you an Allied Health Therapist looking to branch out and work at your own pace as an independent practitioner?  Or perhaps you are an established practice looking to expand through the addition of a new location? Either way, this clinic represents a brilliant opportunity for an ambitious, friendly, and skilled operator who wants to become part of the community fabric of Central and South Taranaki.  An audit under the DAA to satisfy the requirements of the Allied Health Service contract with ACC completed late last year means you are getting a clinic that is fully accredited (I can include the Policies and Procedures if it saves you the hassle!).


Business Highlights
- Database of over 2,500 patients
- Convenient client car parking (on-site and on the road)
- Solid referral sources (GP clinics and surgeons, as well as word of mouth) and strong local reputation
- An employed administrator could continue to work with you, having an intimate local connection and strong sense of running the day-to-day practice

- Access to an on-site boxing gym for gym programming (to work out with owner)


For more information, give Cynthia Ciezadlo a call on 027 973 1017.

Contact Person

Cynthia Ciezadlo

Phone Number

027 973 1017

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