Affiliate Membership Information



Affiliate Member of HTNZ

Flow chart explaining new non-practising HTNZ membership pathways



Entry Requirements

·         A Registered HTNZ member who is no longer practicing hand therapy or is overseas and would like to continue to be a member of HTNZ

·         Each Affiliate member must be approved by HTNZ Executive Committee

·         Affiliate members will not have voting rights

·         Affiliate members must continue CPD within hand therapy and complete the 2 yearly HTNZ log book submission. Accrue a minimum of 45 points in each 2 year period (refer to Schedule of Points)


Please note: After 4 years of Affiliate membership, if the Applicant wishes to return to Registered membership of HTNZ they will require;

(i)      A letter of recommendation from a New Zealand Registered Hand Therapist or Hand Surgeon.

(ii)    Documentation/evidence of regular formal hand therapy clinical supervision for a six month period upon return to practice.




·         Payment of annual Affiliate member subscription fee.

·         Log book submission 2 yearly. 

·         After 4 years of Affiliate membership, if an Affiliate member returns to Registered membership status within HTNZ, applicants be required to complete a minimum of six months documented clinical supervision. The supervision log must be supplied to HTNZ after the six-month period as evidence of completion.



·         Access to educational section and resources via members area of the HTNZ website

·         HTNZ members conference rates

·         Access to the HTNZ publication Fingerprints

·         Streamlined return to practice as Registered member of HTNZ



Affiliate membership application form