Associate Membership Info (pre: 1-1-2023)

Information for Associate members who joined HTNZ prior to 01/01/2023

  • All NOM that passed at the 2022 AGM and associated rule changes will only apply to new HTNZ members accepted from 1/1/23. Members who joined before this will stay under the process that applied at the time.

  • Rules pre 1/1/23 - these rules are your best resource for understanding the legal requirements of HTNZ membership and operational structure of HTNZ

  • Schedule of Points and log book template 
    If membership is confirmed between January & September then the 2 years to accrue log book points are that calendar year and the following calendar year. If Associate membership is conferred between October and December then the 2 years to accrue points will be the following 2 calendar years.

    Use of points accrued via the HTNZ Inc. Hand Therapy Training Program: points obtained from each module and the exam of the training program can be used either:
    Towards maintenance points for Associate membership in that current 2 year period.
    Providing the Associate has enough other points to cover their Associate membership log book requirements, can be accumulated and reassigned towards maintenance points for the first two year period of Registered membership.

    Points from training programmes must be used in their entirety for one of these 2 options (i.e. they cannot be split to be used for both options).

    If an HTNZ member is not able to accrue the log book points required for membership maintenance, they should submit a letter to the Administrator at least 2 months before the log book due date outlining reasons why and when they anticipate being able to complete the points. The Executive Committee will assess eligibility for extensions on a case by case basis.

  • Supervision documents and guidelines for Supervisor, Supervisee

  • Annual membership renewal rates - Associate membership $150.00